The steps to follow to enter the Guinness World Records

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If you like challenges, the Guinness World Records is what will be good for you. You will have the opportunity to make Mondial records in the field that you want. Do you want to participate in this? Don't worry it is not complicated. Discover here some steps to follow to subscribe yourself.

Choose a good record

It is not because you are good in something that it will be taken as a record. You must have a record that has since It can be to show that you are the taller or the shortest of the world. You can even break a record about your moustache. But you should avoid doing illegal and dangerous things. It is not because something seems interesting for you that it will be accepted. You must not do things that will be a problem for you, for people around you or even your animals. Learn more information on

Contact Guinness records

You must contact Guinness records before starting to do any kind of records. Your request may be rejected. Imagine that you make efforts for a record and after postulating you are not selected. This will frustrate you. That is the reason why it is advised to contact them before any action.
You can contact the Guinness records on the internet. A blank will be proposed to you. Be sure to provide true and clear information about you. Guinness records will check every detail about you. This is why the result takes time. It can take weeks or months before knowing if you are accepted.

Give details about your record

If your record is a new one, Guinness World Records will give you some instructions you will have to follow. But in the case where it is ancient, they will give the precedent instructions they used to give for the records. You must also not forget to provide proof that you are the one who breaks the record.