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Before now, nations had to deal with physical crimes, where a personal physically affects another individual. And for a while it was rampant in every part of the world. But with the invent of technology, majority of the world’s population is online, and they are not just online, their businesses are online. They also have accounts online.
The truth is, these inventions were created for people so they can function more effectively and also so they would be free from physical criminals. Now, these criminals are online. It is either these inventors did not see the rise of online criminals coming or they did not adequately prepare for it.

Types of cybercrime

It has been reported from research that cybercrimes can be classified into 6 major types
Online shopping fraud
Online banking and payment fraud
Other types of frauds such as advanced fee fraud
Cyber threats/harassment
Malware and computer viruses
The sad thing about this is that, the rate at which these criminals are caught are very low. It is so bad that even if an individual should report the activity of, the possibility of getting their money back is very low.
Therefore, people have decided not to bother and have chosen to suffer in silence.
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What is the Solution?

Will we say people should not go online, or will we ask them not to do online transaction? No, we can only implore everyone to be as careful as they can be.
Be careful of the sites you visit, ensure you put password on your phone. Always be wary of those around you. These prevention methods are good and effective, but sometimes they are not enough. You will need to go out of your way and sometimes make payments to ensure your security.
Remember it is not just about your money, it affects your mental health too.